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Friday, September 13, 2019

What is Bitcoin, How to purchase Bitcoin,

September 13, 2019 1
What is Bitcoin, How to purchase Bitcoin,

What is Bitcoin, How to Buy the Bitcoin and became rich -

Who doesn't wanta to be rich? Everyone wants them to earn good money and earn it. Many people want to become rich people by doing a little work. We often get to hear about a currency bitcoin in ways to earn money online, but very few people know about it. What is Bitcoin and how to earn?  Many such questions arise which are related to this.

If you want to know the answer to such questions, then you are at the right place. Because in today's post, I will answer all these questions. I will give you information related to how to reduce this currency here. Apart from this, we will know how to buy and sell it. Friends, Internet is such a place from which we complete our countless work with great ease. Whether it is related to banking or shopping. 

You will know about the share market. This makes the whole economy run, no matter where the country is, people earn money by investing money. As the world is becoming digital, people have also started working online. Nowadays there are many ways to earn money from the Internet, one of which is investing in bitcoin. You may have heard the name of this currency and if I have not heard it, here I will share with you all the information related to this. What is bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin - 

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency also called electronic cash. It is a kind of virtual or digital currency. We cannot see or touch this currency because it is not in physical form (note or coin). The currency that we use, like rupee, dollar, yen, all these currencies are also in physical form. This digital currency is just the opposite of regular currency. We cannot store it in our house or wallet. There are online digital wallets to store it.

It is a decentralized currency which means that it has no owner. Neither it is governed by any government or any authority. It has no administrator. It is open source, anyone can use it. You can convert this currency into your country's currency.

This currency was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It has strengthened its hold in the entire world in a very short time. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Companies in every part of the world like Dell, Expedia PayPal and Microsoft also accept this currency.

How does Bitcoin work - 

Using this currency, we can make online payment for any kind of service online. As I have already said that it is now used by big companies in every part of the world. So now let's understand how it works.

Bitcoin is based on a peer to peer network, and it works on that basis. This means that one user can send this digital currency directly to another user. There is no need for any medium in the middle. If you still do not understand, I will give you a simple example for this.

You frequently do mobile recharge and online transaction. So it will be either using a bank account or using a mobile payment gateway. But you can send the currency directly to your friend without using any mediator.

It is being used as a global payment all over the world. It is becoming popular among people every day. Now, its payment option has also been enabled everywhere to buy any service online. That is, when you go to pay online, you will see the credit card, debit card, wallet, paytm in the payment option, in the same way there is also the option of BTC in many places.

It is an open source, then how does its transaction history know?
For this, it uses "Blockchain technology". Blockchain stores the records of every data exchange. Each record is stored as "ledger" and every transaction is stored as blocks inside the ledger.

What is Bitcoin wallet - 

You have known about BTC that it is a digital currency. Which we can store and keep online only. The online location used to store it is called Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet is a kind of software program. Every bitcoin address stored in a person's wallet has a private key (secret number).

To use this wallet, an account has to be created. On creating an account, a unique id is given which defines the address of the wallet. Where we can send and receive it. Now using this wallet, you can buy goods and services by paying as BTC. With this, you can transfer your money to your bank account by selling it. Wallets are mainly of 4 types Desktop, Mobile, Web and Hardware.
  • What is satoshi - Satoshi speaks the smallest part of this currency. It is named after Satoshi Nakamoto why he invented this currency. 10 crores satoshi = 1 BTC. We speak bitcoin in short form only BTC. In this way you must have understood how many Satoshi are there in 1BTC. Also, they have also understood that satoshi is the smallest unit of this currency.

How to earn bitcoin -

For earning bitcoin there are many points in who you can earn bitcoin, here are some most and common types in which you can earn Bitcoin.

  •  Take as the payout for your work by doing task - There are many websites online that pay you free BTC on completing the task. Often such websites give you BTC in small amount just to visit. There are some also other types of widrwaing.
  • By accepting as original payment - From my point of view, the best and most easy way to earn bitcoin is to accept it as payment. If you are selling or giving service to someone and they have BTC payment method, then tell them that they pay BTC only. In this way, BTC will be stored in your wallet and its value will also increase. Also, you can also use it for making payments or you can earn money by selling it.
  • Bitcoin Earn from Mining  - Bitcoin mining is a process in which new bitocoin are generated. Use high performance computers for mining. It adds bitcoin transaction to the blockchain. Blockchain is a public ledger where all bitcoin transactions are stored. In addition, it also searches for new blocks. A block is a file that contains the most recent transaction records. When your computer discovers a new block, you are given some BTC.
  •  Buy & Sell Bitcoin - If I say that the easiest way to earn money from BTC is that you put the money yourself and buy it. After that leave it for some time. Its value keeps increasing in the market. When you find profitable, then sell at that price. It is just like buying and selling land.
    If you want, buy it in small amount unit i.e. satoshi. There are 10 crore satoshi in 1 BTC. Because now the price of this is very high, that is why it is better that you buy satoshi and wait for its price to increase.

 How to buy the Bitcoin -

Buying and selling bitcoins is not a difficult task. If you have ever made an online transaction or online payment, then you can buy it very easily. You can use the website and mobile app to buy and sell this currency in India.

There are 2 very popular companies in India to buy and sell this currency.
BTC can easily buy and sell from these two companies. Here I will tell you how to buy it? For this, you have to create an account and then you can buy it by following the steps

Create New Account -You can create a new account by going to either of the two mentioned above. This registration process is also similar to the regular registration process. Enter your mobile number and signup the account.

Upload document for KYC - After this, you have to upload your documents for KYC. For this, you have to select which document you want to upload for KYC. After uploading the Aadhaar card, PAN card or any other document, you submit. You will get a verification mail that your account has been activated.

Add your bank details for transaction - After the account becomes active, you can add your bank account details to make the payment. So that you can buy it sometime. For this, you will have to deposit money from your bank into this account, only then you will be able to buy BTC.

Now Buy and sell - Just like if you deposit your money from bank account in this new account, you can buy BTC anytime. After loading the money you can convert it to BTC. And then you can buy it with Buy Bitcoin.

Where to Sell bitcoin -

If you want to sell the product that you have purchased before, then you do not need to go anywhere else for this. From the website you bought it from, you can sell it very easily. There you will get the option of Sell Bitcoin with which you can sell it. After selling and withdrawing, you can deposit it in your bank account. Your money will be sent to your account within 2-3 days anytime.

Conclusion - Friends, you must now understand what is bitcoin. This is one such way to earn money, which is not very popular in India right now, but in the future, if everyone becomes aware of it, then everyone will start taking interest in it to earn money.

In this post, you also learned how to earn bitcoin and how to buy it. You have also become aware of its benefits and what can be the harm.

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

What is Cloud Storage | Advantages/Disadvanategs of Cloud storage | Types of Cloud Storage

August 25, 2019 1
What is Cloud Storage | Advantages/Disadvanategs of Cloud storage | Types of Cloud Storage

What is cloud Storage | Types of Cloud Storage | Need of Cloud Storage -

If you are fond of clicking the picture and you want to save for future, many peoples using the SDcard, Pendrive, for storing the file for future but it had to risk, because many times these storage devices may be Corrupt and then your data, file, and another thing will be deleted permanently.

What is Cloud Storage | Advantages/Disadvanategs of Cloud storage | Types of Cloud Storage

These documents file may be recovered or not by using the hardware and software through the Computer, but it may be your recovered file will be compressed, so if your files recovered then no problem, but if your photos have been deleted then your photos will not be as original.

Let's know How to make this secure and where it be much secure than Pendrive and SDcard. The solution is Cloud Storage, before knowing the problem solution let me tell you what is cloud storage.

What is cloud storage -

Cloud storage is the way for storing your files in the cloud, here you can easily understand no any physical storage is available, it means it saves data in the hosting site and not saves in any devices.

It is a way of storing digital data in which data is stored separately on different servers that are managed by a hosting company or cloud storage provider. Any person or organization can store their data from the cloud storage provider company. Can buy or rent space to store the cloud storage provider is responsible for Make the user's data available on-demand, and the physical environment provided by him should be well run and safe so that the user does not face any problem.

Cloud Storage is also indifferent types  - 
  1. Personal Cloud Storage ;
  2. Public Cloud Storage ; 
  3. Private Cloud Storage ;
  4. Hybrid Cloud storage ; 
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1. Personal Cloud Storage : -

It is also known as "Mobile Cloud Storage", under which a person's personal data is supported on the cloud and that person can access this data from anywhere, by entering his username and password. here is the example of Personal Cloud Storage - apple’s cloud

2. Public Cloud Storage : -

Under this, an organization's data is stored in the cloud but no cloud resource is on the organization's data center. The cloud storage provider manages the organization's data in the public cloud.

3. Private Cloud Storage:-

Under this, the organization and cloud storage providers are interconnected. The cloud storage provider deploys its infrastructure in the data center of the organization. Private cloud storage is expensive but it is better in performance and security.

4. Hybrid Cloud Storage:-

Under this, the organization and cloud storage providers are interconnected. The cloud storage provider deploys its infrastructure in the data center of the organization. Private cloud storage is expensive but it is better in performance and security. 

Advantages of Cloud Storage | Benefits of cloud storage

  1. In this, cloud storage data can be accessed from anywhere.
  2. With the help of cloud storage, any company can use many resources that are engaged in any other organization.
  3. Cloud storage allows virtual machine images to be transported from one data center to another
  4. If a person or company has to use expensive resources for only a short period of time, then the company can use them on cloud storage instead of buying them. Under this, the company only has to pay for space it has used. 


 Disadvantages of Cloud Storage | Losses from Cloud Storage 

  1. Cloud Storage is not useful in a slow internet connection.  
  2. Cloud Storage is difficult to access and share files through a slow internet connection.   
  3. It becomes expensive after a few GB of data storage, so it proves to be expensive for companies that require very large storage. 
  4. Many peoples don't have knowledge of how to save data, files, and other resources.

What is Cloud Storage | Advantages/Disadvanategs of Cloud storage | Types of Cloud Storage

Concerns of cloud storage -

I think the only two biggest concerns of Cloud Storage are reliability and security. Because if a company is giving all its data to a Cloud Storage Provider for safekeeping, then they first need some guarantee so that they can trust that their data is absolutely safe and no one else can use it without them. To keep the data more secure, often all systems use a combination of many techniques, which I have explained further.

  • Authentication: This is the process of checking, in which you need to create a user name and password.
  • Encryption: The first way is this encryption which means that a complex algorithm is used in it to encode the information. And decode that information. An encryption key is required to do this. But such encryption can also be cracked for which a lot of computing power is required and It is almost impossible to be in favor of a hacker. 
  •  Authorization: In this process, the client list is already done, which people have authorized access in the right form so that they can access the information in cloud storage. Many corporations have multiple levels of authorization. For example, front-line employees have limited access to access stored data that are located in Cloud Storage, while the head of human resources can have access to all data. 

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Conclusion - How you understand these words, if you have any confusion by understanding these words, then make a comment I will try to work best for you.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

August 12, 2019 0
How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

WhatsApp now becomes very popular social media text massaging network in India...sorry not in India it covers all world. No, any other social networking site can beat this service.

WhatsApp not having good features, we can send only Text massage only earlier, but now it has lots of changes like - Text massaging, Free Video calling, Free Voice Calling, Text Status Update, Video status updates and many more.

Nowadays many peoples use WhatsApp more than another massaging service and a report says many of the people can not stay 5 minutes without checking the WhatsApp messages, there are lots of reason for checking the WhatsApp many times in a day.

When peoples are going office and when he checks his personal phone is left in the home and people find the problem that is "He is not able to use WhatsApp right now".

Now peoples face lot's of trouble, what's the problem I already told you, anyway here is the solution.

Let's know what's the solution, for knowing this we have to know some points about WhatsApp web, in short, I don't take much time

What is WhatsApp web -

WhatsApp web is the web version of WhatsApp, in this version peoples able to use WhatsApp on their pc if they want to send messages from pc/laptop. This version is very useful for the user if you getting lots of massage during your work time.

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How to use WhatsApp Web - 

I think hardly will be any person who doesn't' have knowledge for using WhatsApp web, let me tell you and don't be panic this is the very simple steps. This process needs some requirement, so firstly we need to know the requirement for using WhatsApp web.

Requirements for using WhatsApp web - 

Don't worry there is no need very high requirement for using WhatsApp web or How to Access WhatsApp in another phone also. For using this only a few points need which is below mentioned
  • Your Phone should have an internet connection
  • Another phone also having Internet Connection.
  • The other phone should able to Scan the "QR Code"
Let's know the main topic How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

How to Pair WhatsApp in another phone -

For pairing the phone your both phone having the proper Internet connection and now open the WhatApp on your phone in an old phone, now tap on three dots in the top right corner.
Select the WhatsApp Web option, now you can see there is QR code scanner is showing in front of you.

Now, this is the turn of using the laptop/pc or a smartphone in which you want to use WhatsApp.
Goto browser and types WhatsApp web link are here WhatsApp Web.

When you visit this site there is QR code is showing in front of you now open your old phone where your QR Code Scanner is ready to scan the code. Now show your phone in front of the screen of the QR code.

Now you can see your messages or anything on your new phone/laptop/computer. this process work in all platform means to say if you want to use this feature in other pc/laptop so you can do this without any problem and keep one thing in mind this WhatsApp web if disconnect of anyone by mistaken logout the WhatsApp web connection from your phone, so you need to pair again.

If you are the official person or businessman then I recommended for use the WhatsApp business, let's know the benefit of WhatsApp Business. 

WhatsApp Business - 

How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

WhatsApp business is made for the especially businessman users, and it has lots of features like  WhatsApp status Text and Audio. GIF emoji, the forward limit for fake massage or any massage to 5 users, and much more, this all the feature are a very common feature and it can be seen very easily in WhatsApp, the main feature of WhatsApp business are listed below.

  • Your location can be set according to your choice, and when someones will massage you then your location can be sent if you allow a person to share.
  • You can write an Away massage, this means when any person send any message and that time if you are not able to use WhatsApp business then a customized text message will be sent.
  • If any person sends a message to you and if he is the first person for your account then he will get a customized greeting message.
  • If you have some rule you can make and if you want to send to anyone then you can do this by creating a shortcut.
  • If you want to apply some labels for the users for e.g. new customer, old customer or new friend, location wise friend, so you can do this very easily.
How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also ???

Conclusion - I hope you have understood very easily for How to Access WhatsApp on another phone also... If you facing this problem for pairing the WhatsApp so make a comment I will try to solve your problem very quickly.
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Friday, August 2, 2019

PUBG Mobile Update starts rolling out of 0.14.0 -

August 02, 2019 3
PUBG Mobile Update starts rolling out of 0.14.0 -

PUBG Mobile start rolling out of 0.14.0, now gaming users can be a Zombie and survive with the zombie. This mode is named as Infection Mode

PUBG Mobile Update : starts rolling out of 0.14.0 | Infection Mode

Hey, guy, I am NIKIT KESHARWNI welcome back on my page as we know PUBG is the most popular game in the world and most of the players playing this game too.

As recently PUBG MOBILE has been released the PUBG Mobile Lite version for Pcs/laptop for enjoying the favorite game in PCs/Laptops for the peoples who don't have the better PCs/laptops with high specs.

Before some days ago Pubg Mobile has been released the PUBG mobile lite version for Smartphone users because many times peoples want to play PUBG on mobile but they are not able to play this game, because from day to day PUBG MOBILE if giving lots of Updates and the users RAM has been full.

Now as we know PUBG Mobile is sending more and more updates to improve the gaming performance and for that, he is rolling out version 0.14.0.
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PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0: In Infection mode -

In this Update, Users can become a Zombie and fight with the zombies. The biggest change with the rest of the changes in the game is the Infection mode. This new mode in Survive till down mode will give players the chance to live Zombie's life. The more fun it sounds, the more fun it is to play. 

Under the Infection mode, players in the game will be automatically split into Zombie and Defender. Defenders will be human, who will kill the zombies with the available weapons.

Defenders will be able to use firearms. At the same time, players who are zombies will be able to use the Melee Attacks with cool down time.

Defenders, i.e. the person who has to kill, must kill zombie players. With this, zombies can change defenders and turn them into zombies. That is, even after killing them by defenders, zombies can survive again, but the defenders will be converted into zombies after death. If all the defenders are injured then the zombies will win.

At the same time, if 1 defender also saves the end of the game, the defenders will win. Infection mode is similar to the recently introduced PUBG Death-match mode. In place of just 10 players, there is a number of players. We have not tried the new beta version at the moment, we will definitely review it for its stable build.

PUBG Mobile Update : starts rolling out of 0.14.0 | Infection Mode

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0 : Other Updates -

Not the infection mode, some other new changes have also been made in the latest update of PUBG MOBILE 0.14.0. Some UI changes have been made in the game. It will be easy to select modes.
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Now players can choose the packages in which they want. Games will now come in smaller package sizes and will also be able to use Players Resource Extensions Packs. This will avoid the space in the device, as the features that the player needs, will be offered. 

This update also has a new character system. Each player will get a character initially. Initially, they would have just one skill. They will also be able to customize outsights, voice, etc. 

Conclusion - So guyz are you happy with this update, i like this updates and playing PUBG too, One thing should be keep in mind, don't play Pubg for long time maximum 2 hours is sufficient, because we hared some many cases regarding PUBG.

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PUBG Mobile Update : starts rolling out of 0.14.0 | Infection Mode