Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???
As we know Xiaomi or Redmi is the number #1 in smartphone company in India, MI Band, Smart TVs. and many more...

For this success Xiaomi is using some strategy to going up higher and.....other competitive brands are copying this strategy and now companies giving much competition to Xiaomi, in short, we can say Xiaomis's strategy is applying in Xiaomi but by others...

So lets, now what are the Strategy of Xiaomi which are copying by other companies.

Hey 👋 , readers, I am NIKIT KESHARWANI from NIKIT TECH and usually, I welcome you in my blog, so as we know Xiaomis's strategy is copied by other companies, so let's go and know what is the strategy of Xiaomi's that are copied.

1. Flash Sale in online or Online Selling -

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

Before launching of Xiaomi many smartphone companies releasing his phones and always selling phones in Offline Marketing or Through Retailer Points but when Xiaomi Company releases his smartphones in India, so he started selling his Smartphones through Flash Sale or we can say Xiaomi is always selling his smartphones in Online Platform Flipkart and now on Amazon too.
When Xiaomi company lunched his First phone MI3 is going only through Flash Sale in Flipkart and at that time Flipkart site is Crashed in History. 

Nowadays Company like Samsung, Oneplus, Huawei is copying this strategy and Applying this in his Company.

2. Community - 

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

Before launching the Xiaomi no any others smartphones company having his cult fans or community but after lunching cult-fans in Xiaomi they calling MI fans club and all other company is also copying this strategy.

Now days almost smartphones companies having his Community for e.g. Oneplus is saying Oneplus Fans, Realme saying Realme Fans, Honor is saying Honor Community. 

The big advantages of this community or fans are smartphones use don't have to panic or go service center for his problems they can ask in the community.. are they also facing this problem or facing only me.

3. High Specs in Low Price -

This is the biggest and best strategy for Xiaomi Success Higher Specs. at a low price. If we go in our History the Samsung will be the best Example for this because Samsung giving High Specs in only High Price smartphone range but after lunching the Xiaomi, Samsung also coming in Budget Range smartphones otherwise we have to purchase high range Smartphones with High Price, even Samsung is not giving more powerful spec in his high price smartphones. 

Xiaomi is also launching his smartphone with better value back money. This is happening by the Lunching of Xiaomi.

4. MI Band -

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

After becoming Xiaomi's Successful in Smartphone Market then he lunches hi MI band which is very popular nowadays and again before lunching the Xiaomi other brands launching the Bands with high price with low specs. But nowadays all Companies Smart band are available at the same price as Xiaomi's MI Band. 

5. Smart TVs. - 

Xiaomi's Marketing Strategy is copied by.....???

Smart TVs. the market is also affected bu Xiaomi, because when Xiaomi not lunching his Smart TVs. then other companies are not availing the high specs smart TV and they starting his smart tv with the high price even with HD specs, but after launching the Xiaomi Smart TV in 2018 then he starting giving medium High Specs smart TV in very low price as compared to others.

Even another company is availing 4K TVs. in High Price then Xiaomi beats them and drop his price to low. For this strategy, much other company also lunches his Smart TVs. Like - Vivo Smart TVs,

In short We have to say lots of thanks to Xiaomi, this is happening with the High Strategy of Xiaomi 

Conclusion - As we know the Strategy of Xiaomi's that has been copied at this time and Xiaomi is suffering from the high competition, now tell me one thing which strategy you likes much.

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